PONANT Cruise: Embark on a Dream Voyage!


Set sail for an unforgettable experience with Croisière PONANT

Are you looking for a dream trip and are you passionate about the sea and travel? PONANT cruise is made for you! Indeed, this company offers cruises combining luxury, intimacy, change of scenery and discovery. THEPONANT shipshave unique quality and luxury standards for a dream and unforgettable trip. Here, you will find a warm atmosphere and high standard services. Discover privilege, discretion and elegance aboard PONANT.

On board PONANT ships

Croisière PONANT offers you expeditions onshipsof the latest generation for unique voyages at sea. These boats are undoubtedly of very high quality, with contemporary designs. These original cruises will allow you new and unforgettable cultural experiences depending on your destinations. From the high-end powerful solid motors, you can safely observe the marine beauty around you.

On board, discover sturdy, ideally equipped cabins and luxurious suites designed for your comfort. Charming and elegant, the cabins will offer you unparalleled privacy and services.

Luxury, gastronomy and activity at the rendezvous

Also discover a cuisine that combines Mediterranean flavors and French specialties, giving you access to an extraordinary culinary journey. You can take advantage of the room services and spend special moments savoring unforgettable meals.

Finally, on boardshipsPONANT, activities will have no limits. The facilities will invite you to enjoy your stay and learn more about your destination. whether in the heart of cities or in the seabed, you candiscoveremblematic places, ocean wonders or still unexplored activities to share unforgettable moments.

Thanks to Croisière PONANT, you will be able toembarkaboard the bestshipsfor luxury trips that are both festive and relaxing. Browse the most beautiful places aboard the most luxurious ships, and all in privileged privacy.

PONANT Cruise Comparative Table

Ships Equipment Activities
Le Soleal Air-conditioned cabins
Wi-Fi internet on board
Bars and restaurants
Paddle and Kayak
Le Boreal “Carita” SPA
Treatment and massage
100% organic products
whale watching
scuba diving
Canoe Kayak
Le Lyrial Air conditioner
Restaurant and snack
Overflowing swimming pool
Land excursion
Cultural immersion
Fitness center