Danube Cruise: Visit the Historic Cities of Central and Eastern Europe”.


A cruise rich in history and culture on the Danube

If you want to explore Central and Eastern Europe, one of the best options is to take acruise on theDanube. THEDanube, the second longest river in Europe, covers a large part of Central and Eastern Europe. A Danube cruise is an unforgettable experience that offers a rich variety of activities, scenery and stunning views.

The Historic Cities of Central and Eastern Europe

The Danube coastal towns are all steeped in history and culture. You can discover some of the most beautiful European cities while cruising on the Danube. The Austrian capital,Vienna, is a mandatory stop for anyone embarking on a Danube cruise. Then you will pass through Bratislava, Slovakia, with its picturesque streets and idyllic medieval monuments.

The passage through Budapest, in Hungary, is also unforgettable. The magnificent buildings that line the bank of the Danube offer breathtaking views. You can also visit Belgrade, in Serbia, considered the architectural and cultural jewel of Central and Eastern Europe.

A rich variety of activities and cultures

Along with the historic towns steeped in culture, you will discover a rich variety of sights and landscapes on your Danube cruise. You will be able to explore picturesque towns, magical lakes, famous monuments and even traditional villages and romantic castles!

It is also the perfect opportunity to taste the local cuisine and explore the cultural variety of the countries crossed throughout the cruise! You can discover new flavors and savor fine wines. You will appreciate the lively evenings, the music and dance performances and the hospitality of the local population.

Offers and prices for a Danube cruise trip

You will find a comprehensive variety of Danube cruise itineraries and fares that are designed to fit any budget and demand.

Also, you can choose to travel with premium cruise lines such asCarnival Cruises,AIDA CruisesOrMSC Cruises. If you want to save, you can opt for more affordable cruises with local companies, such asBalkan Cruise LineFor example.


You might find it hard to pinpoint the nostalgia and magical atmosphere that accompanies a Danube cruise. A cruise on the Danube is a great way to discover Central and Eastern Europe while exploring some of Europe’s most beautiful cities. Whether you opt for an upscale stay or a more affordable cruise, you will certainly find an option that suits your budget and your tastes.