Cruising in Lyon: Discover the Best Cruises on the Rhône!

Cruise on the Rhône: Discover the best cruises from Lyon!

Are you dreaming of a romantic getaway on theRhone? Whether it’s a cruise along the river dear to our hearts, a dinner on board or even a baptism ofcruise, Lyon is there to satisfy your desires. Discover the most unique experiences thanks to thesecruises.

It is possible to extend your trip from Lyon to Arles or Avignon. ThereSaoneis the nearest river and offers its visitors spectacular landscapes.

Types of Cruises from Lyon

THEcruisesare an ideal solution to discover all the beauty of the city while savoring its unique atmosphere. Whether you are alone, in a couple or in a group, there is acruiseadapted to your desires.

You can choose from different types ofcruisesavailable on the surrounding rivers:

  • Panoramic cruises: offering superb views of the city and its surroundings.
  • Thematic cruises: to discover the city in complete privacy, with selected stops at the highlights and commentary provided by guides.
  • Gastronomic cruises: for those who want to spend a special moment at the table.

Among the maincruisesoffered in Lyon, stands out the most refined, innovative and popular of the “Croisière Gourmet” cruises from Croisy, a family business recognized as the crème de la crème ofcruisesIn Lyon.

You can find them at Quai Claude Bernard, just west of St. John’s Cathedral. You can also benefit fromcruisesorganized aboard the luxury boats “Le Diamant” and “La Diamantine” of Arpège Croisières.

Enjoy the Cruise on the Rhône

Motorboat cruises allow you to sail along the Rhône and Saône rivers. Organized excursions are also available to discover the towns or villages and the banks of the rivers, as well as the magnificent natural sites such as the gorges or the wooded coasts which extend around Lyon.

Don’t forget to bring walking shoes to walk along the riverbank. Many parks and gardens are also to be discovered.

Comparative table – Cruises in Lyon

Business destinations Boat
Croisy Left bank of the Rhône, Saône The Diamond / The Diamantine
Arpege Cruises Arles, Avignon, Saone Motorboat
Yacht Charter & Boat Vienna, Saone Private vessel

By exploring the options available, you will find the best way to enjoy your trip to Lyon. With its historic features and stunning scenery, it will be hard to find a more romantic and intimate way to immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant community!