Catamaran Cruise: The Best Deals and Destinations

Catamaran Cruise: The Best Deals and Destinations

THEcatamaranis one ofsailing shipor the most popular sailing vessel and prized by cruise enthusiasts. The comfort, safety and convenience it offers make it the most popular choice for multi-day voyages at sea.offersand destinations ofcruiseabound and many professionals offer trips aboard catamarans.

Why Choose a Catamaran Cruise?

Catamarans are generally more spacious than other sailboats, giving travelers a feeling of space and privacy. The possibility of having bathrooms and other facilities on board, such as a kitchenette, also makes it very attractive for those who wish to immerse themselves completely in nature. Catamarans are also very stable and give their occupants a sense of security.

In general, this type of cruise is more comfortable than other sailing vessels because it rests not on one or two pontoons, but on four or more. Additionally, because the catamaran’s engine is smooth and fluid, passengers tend to enjoy the peace and serenity of their journey.

The Best Catamaran Cruise Destinations

The main destinations for catamaran cruises are Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean, South America and the Far East. Cruises to these destinations are organized by many travel agents and companies such as Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises and Carnival Cruise Lines, to name a few.

There are many catamaran cruise options. Many cruise ships offer short and long cruises to various destinations at very affordable prices. Passengers can enjoy the comfort and luxury aboard modern catamarans while tasting the local culture and cuisine of the countries visited.

The Best Catamaran Cruise Deals

The best catamaran cruise deals are the low cost cruises that can be found from various online booking platforms, such as The Dealroom, Travelocity, Holiday Pirates, and Cruise lines and travel offices may also offer packages at attractive rates. Due to the varied nature of destinations, catamaran cruise prices and offers can vary significantly.

Compare Catamaran Cruise Deals:

Company Duration Category Price
Royal Caribbean 14 days Premium 2500 €
Celebrity Cruises 7 days Standard 1600 €
Carnival Cruise Lines 5 days Superior 1400 €
The Dealroom 12 days Luxury 3000 €


Catamaran cruises are ideal for people who seek superior luxury, safety and comfort. There are a large number of options and offers available. By comparing the offers of different companies, it is possible to find affordable fares for various destinations around the world. Finally, it is important to keep in mind that for catamaran cruises it is best to make a reservation in advance to take advantage of the best offers and the best rates.