Amsterdam Cruise: Explore the Canals and Enjoy the City!

Explore Amsterdam and Its Canals by Cruise

amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands is one of the most visited cities in Europe. Its cultural heritage and its famous canals attract tourists from all over the world, in love with the serenity and beauty of this city. Travelers live an unforgettable experience with a boat tour that allows them to explore the city in a different way.

First, there are the walksboaton the historic canals of the city. Traveling through the canals of Amsterdam means discovering the cultural and architectural heritage dating from the 17th century. Travelers will have the chance to discover UNESCO, the museum district and the old building of the Port of Amsterdam.

A canal cruise in Amsterdam is more than just a boat trip. Cruises offer entertainment and tours combined to get the full experience. As tourists, you will discover the ancient port, seeing the famous buildings, bridges and ramparts. For a few hours, you can also taste local dishes made with seafood.

Explore Amsterdam and its canalsper cruise also offers a great view of the city. You will be able to see different neighborhoods and their particular architecture up close, floating houses, museums next to the canals, parks lined with secular trees and the kind movement of the inhabitants. The unique view of the city is breathtaking and provides tourists with unforgettable memories.

Boat cruises offered

There are manycruisesby boat available, offering travelers a wide range of activities. In Amsterdam, options include regattas aboard authentic sailing barges, trips in motorboats, traditional boat trips and guided tours.

Plus, night cruises are available to contrast the colorful lights of Amsterdam with its beautiful canals and quirky buildings. Travelers who prefer more luxurious treatment will find large yacht cruises that embark groups of people on exciting adventures.

Other Activities Not to Miss

If you are looking for things to do in Amsterdam, a walkexploreby boat is not the only one. People looking to learn the secrets of Dutch beer making will enjoy a visit to the Heineken brewery or the typical Dutch pubs.

A walk through the old quarter of Jordaan is a must. Filled with trendy cafes and shops, it’s the perfect way to see Amsterdam’s hidden gems. Travelers who prefer to check out museums while visiting will enjoy the gems the city has to offer, including the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, and Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art.

Comparative table of cruises offered

Cruise Package Duration Steps Included
Classic Cruise 1 hour City Hall, Heineken Experience, Van Gogh Museum
Barge Cruise and Dinner 2 hours Hollandse Bridge, Bullring, A’DAM Lookout
Black Guided Cruise 2 hours Financial District, Beurs van Berlage, Red Light District
Luxury Yacht Cruise 3 hours Hetzatraatjes, Java-eiland, Jordaan District

Exploring Amsterdam by Cruise: the best way to discover the City!

Amsterdam offers travelers fantastic opportunities no matter which mode of travel they choose. But the best way to explore this beautiful city is through its characteristic canals. A cruise, whichever option you choose, is the ideal way to discover the city in an unforgettable way, at a gentle and relaxing pace. A few hours on the water offer the opportunity to enjoy the best of Amsterdam while discovering its extraordinary landscapes and famous monuments.

Tourists can choose from a variety of fun and interesting canal trips in conjunction with professional cruise providers likeAmsterdam Rijboots,Blue Boat CompanyAndTney Towers. Whether you spend a few hours on the canals in a motorboat or rowing boat, or rent a luxury private yacht for the day, Amsterdam is the perfect destination for a memorable boating vacation.